Free shipping with order of $90 and more
Free shipping with order of $90 and more

About us

The strength of the team

Ours is the story of a tightly knit family and team.

Attraction was founded in 1980 in Lac-Drolet by the Gagnon brothers. From a small sports store, it evolved into a garment manufacturing and decorating company whose products are sold across Canada, from coast to coast.

Running the show today, the second-generation business couple of Julia Gagnon and Sébastien Jacques find their inspiration in the strength of their team, the greater Attraction family.

Genuinely faithful to their values of respect, accountability and collaboration, the team is committed to doing a little more every day for their families, their customers, the community, and the environment.

Julia Gagnon and Sébastien Jacques, 2nd generation succession and couple in business

Initial by Attraction

initial is a brand designed for nature aficionados who won’t compromise on comfort and style.

Historically offered exclusively to tourists who wanted to bring home a bit of their Canadian experience, initial is now worn the world over in addition to being available to promotional clothing distributors and on-line.

Discover our Cabin, Journey and Everyday collections for your outings at the cottage, around the campfire among friends, stargazing on a summer night, camping with family, having a drink on the patio, or simply chilling in comfort at home.

initial products are designed and decorated in Canada by our team in Lac-Drolet, a region in Quebec with wide-open spaces, lakes and mountains which bring inspiration every day.

True to our values, our initial clothing is made in certified factories that we visit regularly. Our suppliers are part of the greater Attraction family.

Members of the Attraction team

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Choose Cabin – unique garments inspired by our Canadian origins.

Explore Everyday – classic clothing for everyday life.

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Discover Journey – trendy, decorated clothes.
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Our commitment

Recognition and commitment are anchored deep in our DNA.

Since our founding, we have paid homage to the experience of our team and recognized the work they accomplish. Every day, we try a little harder to demonstrate our overall ethical commitment.

We translate it into actions to support social development, we fully embrace our environmental perspective and we invest to make our team and our customers happy.

Doing our part

For our team, our partners and our customers

Every day, we are committed to doing a little more, to provide a pleasant environment and to stimulate a desire to exceed ourselves by promoting lasting, positive relationships.

We are still touched by the testimonials of our team on that matter. View the videos on our corporate site

For our community

We want to see our community grow by offering quality jobs and by investing of ourselves so our life environment can be more attractive for all who live in this beautiful region and those who come to explore.

We are pleased to support various events in the MRC du Granit to increase the diversity of social and sporting activities.

For our region

We care about the development of our region. We actively participate in various initiatives put forward to help maintain a positive global quality of life.

We support the Chapelle du rang 1 as a partner to promote the development of a varied, high-caliber cultural life at an affordable price.

For society

We remain true to our values with all our local and international partners. We support the same ethical approach for all, and we try to reduce our carbon footprint in our daily activities.

The fabric used to manufacture our contagion gowns is woven less than 200 km away from our shop and this certainly helps us offer the level 2 gown with the lowest environmental footprint in all of Quebec!


For the environment

Our daily gestures testify to our respect for the environment:

  • Every year, we recycle thousands of cardboard boxes
  • Our factories are paperless
  • We recycle all the chemicals used in the decorating process
  • Composting and recycling have been implemented in our offices and factories

And so much more!

For the coming years, we are committed to:

  1. Reducing our energy consumption and improving waste management
  2. Using recycled or compostable materials for our packaging whenever possible
  3. Reducing or replacing traditional fibers like cotton and polyester with their recycled, organic or environmentally responsible equivalents
  4. Pursuing our social and environmental commitment in our factories, offices and community

Your choice, our pledge

United, our actions express of our shared values. We do our part by pledging to 1% for the Planet the equivalent of 1% of your purchase made on this site.

What does it stand for?

 In 2002, Yvon Chouinard founded 1% for the Planet and his company Patagonia became the first business to commit 1% of annual sales to the environment. Today, the 1% for the Planet network consists of over 3,000 businesses and individuals that contribute to environmental nonprofits in over 90 countries. To date, 1% for the Planet has directed over $250 million to these grassroots organizations working toward a better world. We share the same values as Mr. Chouinard. We are proud to be part of the movement he created and to do, together, our part for the planet!!


ethica by Attraction: another exclusive brand,
another proof or commitment

The development of our ethica brand and collection of garments is also evidence of our commitment.

ethica is a testimony of our environmental mettle and of our support for sustainability, notably by contributing directly to the vigor of our community through an astonishing variety of quality, safe and accessible jobs.

Tees and fleeces are mostly made of 100% of organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and/or recycled polyester (rPET). Each blended garment uses the 5 to 15 plastic water bottles that would have been destined to landfills.

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